WHAT DO WE do and how?

Could you make it look "hollywood"?

Of course we can.

Clients often come in with an idea. It is then our job to give them the options.

For this project we saw the option to make it look really nice. To make it high-class. More than usually.

This project was very VFX-heavy, we had three days to shoot on location and two months of post-production.

did we do?

The client wanted two videos.

One internal version that would be shown to the team of Pfizer to give them insight to the production facility at Orth (Austria). The objective was to give them enough information about what is happening in the facility, and show them the process. We had the QualityAssurance-Lead host the whole journey.

And one external video – that would be shown to the public. As it is for the public it needed to be more visually interesting and needed a lot more oomph

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The main inspiration for the external video was the great Live of a Bullet sequence from the movie Lord of War starring Nicolas Cage.

For your convenience:

We wanted to do more shots that would aim to recreate the feeling, but time constraints and client input limited our movement a bit.

We couldn’t show the whole process of how the vaccine is made – due to (understandable) non-disclosures, as the process is a patented thing.

The company responsible for realizing the whole project was again NewsroomGmbH.

did we do it?


As always Pre-Production comes first. The client gave us pretty much free hand how to handle it.

So we started with a script, after that storyboarding, so client and all team members understood what we want to create.

Production – so essentially shooting took place over the course of three consecutive days. The main issue with shooting was, that we had eight hour shifts in quarantine with one 30 minute break.

We don’t mind working through many hours, but that one was tough. No smoking breaks either!

We were shooting in the middle of production, so we all had to sterilize equipment and all had to wear protective gear at all times. No mobile phones were allowed so we could not use our pads either. All documents that we needed for production had to be printed out.

Usually we love to check lighting, green screens, production docs and such digitally, because collaboration works perfectly smooth with that.

Well not this time.

After each shooting day, the dailies needed to be saved and ingested.

Post-Production was a blast. We don’t mean that sarcastically – we really had fun with that one. For both versions we needed to have english and german text on screen, so for the internal video we had  45 VFX-clips and for the external video 52 clips – so essentially 97 VFX-clips, not counting grading of course.

As the team was small, all VFX was done by one person.

We mainly used AfterEffects for the whole process and Houdini (with help from the great Anthony Morrelle for the fluid simulations, some 3D Assets were created in C4D. Pretty classic stuff. 


Executive Producer / Project Manager

Kerstin Gutleder

Director / Production / VFX / Edit / Sound

Arno M. Scharinger

Secondary / on Location Hand

Amina Aidi


Kai Kraushaar

Max Klamm

Produced for and by

Newsroom GmbH