WHAT DO WE do and how?

We need something new...

Clients who are open for new ideas, for things that haven’t been done before are the best part of the job.

Viennese public transport company Wiener Linien were one of those clients.

They wanted a new format to explain and show to people how to react in situations that require fast thinking and knowledge.

Somebody falls onto the metro-tracks, another person falls over inside a metro-train.

How do you react?

With the interactive videos everybody can challenge themselves to getting the right solution.

Learning by play.

did we do?

We had the job to create two videos, one where two people are fighting in the vicinity of train tracks and one where a person falls over inside a metro-train.

There are multiple ways to achieve the right way of helping the injured person or the one in danger.

With our work we also won an award  – which is always nice.

So the main company responsible for the manufacturing (NewsroomGmbH) let us produce an interactive video of our award-winning.

Which is also quite nice.

did we do it?


Like all good projects we started with the concept and the first main ideas of the branching options. In cases like these, things like mind-maps are of course mandatory.

Visual effects and graphics weren’t much of a challenge this time, as the CI of the client was strong enough and gave us enough information to work with, so we could focus on telling the story and setting up the branching options for the player.

We had some experiencing in designing videogames – which helped a lot in putting up the whole concept and pre-production in one day.

For each shoot we had only one day, so the shedule was tight. But sometimes even the best planning won’t help, especially if a train breaks down and stops the whole production for nearly three hours. Due to a highly flexible team we were able to film scenes that were planned for later sooner and managing not to have continuity errors. Thanks to Anna that is.

After shooting the dailies were ingested and thrown into a raw-cut. While the left hand graded the right hand already started putting the clips into EKO Studio – our chosen solution for interactive videos.

After a lot of coffee and FullSpeed (our favorite alternative to RedBull) the clips were ready to be stitched together and exported to be embedded into the website of the client, where they published them for the audience to experience the first public-transport announcement of it’s kind.

We are very proud to have worked on such a great opportunity and with such a great team.


Executive Producer / Project Manager

Kerstin Gutleder

Director / Production / VFX / Edit

Arno M. Scharinger

Secondary / on Location Hand

Anna Pachner


Kai Kraushaar


Jessica Bednar

Claus Blochberger

Victor Pichler

Mario Peka

Produced for and by

Newsroom GmbH