Because we go further

One single idea, one single approach is not enough.
We go further than that.
It’s good and well to stay between 0 and 1, after all, that is what most of our (technical) life is build upon.

But for us it is not enough – we go beyond the Ø – to achieve more.

We are currently available for freelance booking.


We are a multi-discipline-collective of professionals that come from varying backgrounds.

We worked in games, media, writing, just generally everything that can be supported by a story.

Which is also our main thing. Storytelling.

We love stories and we love sharing them, we love creating them, we love using them.

If you like what you see, get in touch, we love to hear from you and how we can create something great together!

Regarding prices and price tables.

We do understand, that it is easier for a client to estimate how much money they will spend on a project.
We get that – after all, we run a business too.

We still think, that there is a better way of dealing with that format of old. Where one hour equals five pieces of eight.

We are creatives and we believe that a projects value can’t be measured by the hours we spend fulfilling it. There are projects where we get up at 4 AM and have our most productive hours. Sometimes it’s a holiday, where we get that final piece of the puzzle that was missing, to make us finish your project. Now it wouldn’t be fair to give you a higher price, just because we like to work when the sun is down, wouldn’t it?

A small bakery that can barely survive but needs a logo will be charged differently than a multinational company.  They both deserve our attention and our love for detail and the craft. Sounds fair, right?
Yeah, we think so too.

Talk to us about your idea and we’re sure we can come to a conclusion that will be positive for both involved parties.

We worked with

It is not enough to just give our best. If we and the client grow, if we can build something together that is greater than our ego, but a pure form of art - then we have something.

What we can do for you

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From movie scripts to GameDesign-Docs to Workshops and Pitches –  we are telling stories and using technology to tell stories. Not just to entertain, but also to push further, to teach and to let the audience think about the seen and read words and pictures.

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Animation & Video

MotionDesign and Films are our main style of communication. From short animations to full fledged videos we can provide a variety of forms to tell our and your story.

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Writing Wor(l)ds

From simple texts to full paragraphs, words bear meaning and messages. We can incorporate those into your medium.

And if you are not afraid of no ghost, we also write in their name. Like Ghostwriters.

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Graphic Design

Static images bear meaning, the right picture can spare you thousands of words.

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Teaching & Workshops

We love to share what we know. So that you may learn from our past mistakes that made us better in the field of our choice.

From Workshops to full classes, we can and will provide teachings in our uniqe style to mix our experience with our passion to teach others to thrive.

Our Products

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