WHAT DO WE do and how?

We need something epic...

Say no more.

Editing Sport-Trailers was a thing we kinda started our career with, so the edit itself felt kinda natural.kWith our VFX-Knowledge we could put some nice twists on and slap some beauty on it.

did we do?

The  client wanted a under 2 minute explainer of it’s newly launched player index, where users could track and review scores of their favorite soccer players.

We were responsible for the idea, the general look and the making itself. This time no camera work was needed.


The company responsible for realizing the whole project was again NewsroomGmbH with the main actor beeing Pick&Barth.

did we do it?


VFX-heavy projects need Pre-Production.

After an initial pitch that outlined what we want to show and convey with the trailer, we started with the search for footage.

With a project like this, there are tons of footage to be scrubbed through. After the inital RoughCut, we started adding the VFX to the shots.

Visuals were done in AfterEffects, mainly with the help of Boris FX’s MOCCA and the plain old simple AE-Tracker.

Composited files were then passed through MODULATION and diverse UI-Elements that would show of the “calculation” that is done in the background were put on top. The great DEEPGLOW provided the necessary obvious “glowy“-elements.

The CI and all according brand-related stuff was handled by P&B’s ArtDirector – their great Dana Liv Bayomy.

We ended up with 32 VFX-Edit shots – as all footage needed to be upgraded.

The whole thing should look “cyberpunky” and “modern”, to give the whole thing a “computer” aesthetic, to really bring the feel that a sophisticated system is calculating everything in real time.

No hints to Skynet were added though. We promise.


Executive Producer / Project Manager

Anna Danzl

Design / Art Directress

Dana Liv Bayomy

Edit / Sound Design / VFX

Arno M. Scharinger

Produced for and by

Newsroom GmbH & Pick&Bart Digital Strategies